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Mission Statement

RoughRider Golf is designed to provide a premier golf instructional experience. The different programs for RoughRider Golf will feature instruction from top professionals with a small athlete to teacher ratio. Athletes will learn proper golf techniques, golf fitness, and mental training to help them on the course. Athletes will also get the opportunity to be trained on the course and with specialized routines and drills to ensure success.


RoughRiders Jr. Golf Philosophy

Our philosophy is to offer premium instruction to committed players of all ages so they can make advances in their game. Each program will be in-depth to address all facets of the game; from golf technique to golf fitness, to mental golf game. We will measure and monitor each player’s progress, utilize technology to track and measure progress, and we will consistently communicate progress updates to ensure a great overall experience from start to finish. Year-Round Programs Each session runs for 12 weeks and includes golf training classes that are designed to build foundational skills for golf development and success. Each class will start with a warm up exercise, golf stations, short game stations and a golf related activity.

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