Riders Starter (non-competitive): Ages 7-12

Riders Starter is a progressive golf program. Athletes will learn golf skills with an increased focus on details and presentation. 

This is a weekly program to get kids interested in the game of golf and determine interest levels of further advancement. The program is designed for those new to the game and want to build skills and techniques and will consist of various golf and fitness stations to challenge athletes in a fun and structured environment. Athletes will begin to learn basic gold etiquette, participate in activities designed to improve their athleticism and learn basic golf skills through the use of simulators.
Each class will meet one day per week for an hour.
Sessions last 4 weeks. Wednesdays 3-4pm
Fee $300/month*


​Sample Schedule:• Warm-up• Full Swing• Short game• Fitness• Athletic activity• Etiquette*Anyone is invited to join Junior Riders Starter! Junior Riders  Intermediate and Junior Riders Advanced need coach approval to enroll. Evaluations are scheduled for Riders Advanced.