Junior Riders Intermediate is a progressive golf program. Athletes will learn golf skills with an
increased focus on details and presentation. Riders Intermediate athletes will progress through various golf activities.
This is a weekly program designed to focus on golf skills and to introduce athletes to a deeper understanding and knowledge of the rules and etiquette of golf. In addition to advancing golf skills, athletes will learn during on-course activities. During this session, athletes will be
introduced to the skills needed to compete in events with others. The goal is to help each athlete
improve their score and increase their speed and mobility through fitness programs. 

Each class will meet one day per week for an hour and a half.  Two times a month students will be at Colorado National Golf Club for instruction.  3 month commitment required. 


Meets Wednesdays 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Fee $550/Month

*Sample Schedule

• Warm-up• Full Swing• Short game• Golf Fitness• Competition• Drills


*Riders Advanced need coach approval to enroll. Evaluations are scheduled during your free trial. Athletes are re-evaluated every session during Riders Week, and movement to a new level will be determined at this time.

Junior Riders Intermediate Ages 10-13

Program Details