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Golf Program

Level 1 is designed for those who are new, or relatively new, to the competition. Athletes
will work in a small group lesson setting and focus on golf fundamentals, swing basics,
and basic movement patterns. Athletes will begin to develop basic golf fitness and
stretching programs.

Golf Program

Level 2 is designed for those who are preparing to compete at the high school level. Athletes will further advance their knowledge of golf fundamentals, begin to learn basic ball flight laws and club dynamics, and learn basic course management skills. Each athlete will receive individual practice goals.

*** (3-month commitment required) 

Our RoughRiders program, or may have some competition experience and are looking to further advance their skills
in preparation for competition at more local, regional and national levels. Athletes will work closely with our coaches to develop a plan for improvement and success. Our coaches will assess the athlete’s areas of improvement and devise plans to help each athlete increase their skills needed to further their success. The Riders Junior Competitive Program is designed to speed up
development, increase long term potential, and prepare athletes for competition. This program will help athletes better understand their skills and goals through the use of the latest technology.



Learn more about the program levels 

Additional Fees and Services Available to All Levels
• 4 60-minute lessons  2 hours bay time per week
• $250/Month  • 4 60-minute lessons
• 2 hours bay time per week   • 1 30-min private lesson
• $300/Month
4 60-minute lessons
• 3 hours bay time per week

2 30-min private lessons



Level 4 is designed for athletes who are competing at the regional and national level and are preparing for college. Athletes will learn how to master swing techniques, work on power development, master the rules, create effective training and practice techniques and gain advanced tournament preparation skills.




Level 3 is designed for high school players who want to compete at the regional and national levels. Athletes will learn more advanced golf fundamental skills ranging from full swing to short game to putting. Athletes at this level will also be challenged in more advanced rules and etiquette and will be introduced to tournament preparation. In addition, each athlete will learn how to develop and apply productive practice skills.

Golf Program
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